So, you are here.
Now let me tell you why!

One click please.

Update (03-05-2012): More than 3000 visits in just 6 days - Unbelievable! Thank you, guys :)

As you know there is one big thing going to happen.

We are going to meet the next galaxy

(Yeah, of course I think the Next Galaxy SIII smartphone ;)

Ok, but what about it?
You know, that's the fone we are waiting for - 4.7" display, Exynos 4 CPU, nice design and much more.

Right, you want to know what's the deal here.

Well, I own a great piece of Galaxy SII smartphone and it's a wonderful piece of work.

That's it. Spit it out NOW!
I wonder what to put in this text block. Hm. Maybe later.

I was about to say, that The New Galaxy is probably going to be announced on the 3rd May and...

It's my birthday on the 3rd May!

Wow, good for you, but what now?

what a coincidence :)

Oh, sorry about that!


I am really excited now - me and The Next Galaxy are going to be born at same day :))

Fine, so... What now?

Well, Samsung - if you have got one spare Galaxy SIII in stock It would be a really great present for my Birthday - you know, for testing reasons :)

Anyway, if you would like to take me to The Next Galaxy for my Birthday, send me an e-mail please:

So, that's it. I hope it was fun and have a great day guys :)

Btw, read a disclaimer here if you are interested.

I'm just dreaming here but it would be really nice to get that kind of Birthday present...

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